Dr. Garzotto uses HyProtect™ TPLO Plate to Help Patient in Need

This story today comes from VOI customer, Dr. Caroline Garzotto, VMD, DACVS. Dr. Garzotto’s patient, Leah, is a 4-year-old female, spayed, Great Pyrenees who developed a left CrCL injury in June of 2020 and then a subsequent right CrCL injury in November of 2020. Although the owner had pet insurance for Leah, it did not cover her recommended knee surgery.

The owner initially tried medical management, but when the right side (second side) CrCL tore, the owner was looking for lower-cost surgical options and was considering a lateral suture. The owner contacted Dr. Garzotto in December with her plan for lateral suture and ultimately Dr. Garzotto advised against it given Leah’s young age and giant breed size. She offered to discount her surgery fee for a TPLO, but didn’t have the ability to discount the implants to help with additional savings. This is where VOI rep Emmylou Draper came in who heard about Leah’s situation, and in the spirit of the holiday season, offered to help create a plan and offer a variety of implants that would assist Leah’s mom in continuing on the correct treatment plan for her.

Leah’s right TPLO was performed using VOI’s HyProtect™ Broad Elite 3.5 mm locking TPLO plate on December 23, 2020.

Dr. Garzotto states, “This was my first experience with this particular VOI product and there was much to appreciate: The antimicrobial coating on the implant gave me peace of mind regarding infection control, the pinholes to allow for optimal hands-free plate placement were convenient and easy to use, the flat top on the head of the plate allowed for ideal proximal plate placement avoiding the joint and the fit of the plate was perfect, and I took advantage of using all locking screws since I was happy with my osteotomy compression.”

Leah will have her second side done with the same treatment plan and implants in about 6 weeks.

Although our VOI representatives are still limited in travels during this time, it doesn’t stop the strong bonds from forming between our reps, our customers, and their pet parents. We look forward to hearing about Leah’s TPLO recovery process!

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