Employee Testimonials

Chelsy Pennell Rosa- Senior Account Rep


1. What do you like about working for VOI? 

...All the snacks but... 
What don't I like LOVE about working at VOI?! It is very rewarding to come into work every day and know that I am making a difference in one way or another for the end user - our pups! Our work environment is extremely friendly and supportive which is so important when you see your work family more than your family at home - and yes, I mean work "family" opposed to co-workers because we learn from each other, we cheerlead, we console, we get through the day to day and it all leads to growing together in our careers. The feeling of family within our staff makes sense because VOI was established by the Gendreau family who continues to run the business 
2. What do you like about working with your customers? 
Customers or friends? All of a sudden you realize you've been working for a company for almost 4 years and talked to the same doctor or purchaser every week since starting out, can name their account number by heart, list off their order history for fun, and even know their street address on any given day. ...Hey now, that is not weird or creepy - it comes with the job and reviewing your account profile for order accuracy every time.
Just like our staff grows together with each passing day the connections and bonds we create with our new and existing customers is unparalleled. The best feedback is hearing how much we help relieve the workload for our contacts through how easy it is to order, our dependable service like same day shipping, and reliable agents who are available from 8-8 EST by phone, email, or online chat. The feedback is gratifying because we are here in your corner. I am your cheerleader, your troubleshooter and problem solver, your product concierge, your policy encyclopedia, your "yes" man, ... and maybe on some days even the punching bag but I'll do it with a smile because we believe in following the golden rule and treating our customers how we want to be treated - like family. 
3. Do you have a pet? What kind? 
Zoey or zoe zoe, my Shih Tzu, is 14 years old and the love of my life.
Josh Piper- Business Development Manager 
1. What do you like about working at VOI?
In my very short tenure with VOI, I have never felt unequipped to accomplish a goal. Our staff is second to none with regards to going the extra mile to help and make themselves available to me. 
2. What do you like about working with your customers?
I love introducing new and innovative products to my customers. When you can provide an ah-ha moment to that doctor or practice that changes the way they approach each of their patient's cases the result is rewarding. 
3. What sets VOI apart from other companies?
VOI fosters a team environment to achieve the end result of bringing the best product, service, and relationship to our customers "from cut to close." 
4. Do you have a pet? What kind? 
I have three dogs and one cat, all female. Bree-Brittany Spaniel, Lady (Dowager Countess) - Chocolate Lab, Charlie - Shi-Tzu, And Lexi - black cat.
Fun fact- Josh's wife surprised us with VOI themed cookies that she made herself during their first visit to our corporate office! 


Matt Degele- Digital Content Specialist 
1. What is your position and what does that entail? 
I am the digital content specialist in charge of photography and preparing those assets for use in marketing materials such as our product catalog and website
2. What do you like about working at VOI?
VOI has a healthy work environment which is not something I'm used to seeing coming from other industries.
3. What sets VOI apart from other companies where you have worked?
VOI gives me the creative freedom to utilize and grow my skill set and push myself to complete the projects I'm tasked with. 
4. Do you have a pet? What kind? 

I have a black mouth cur 

Meet Kelly, Lauren and Genny!
Three former Veterinary Technicians who use their knowledge in the field to help their customers every day! We asked them what they loved most about their time as a vet tech and how it has helped them transition into their roles here at VOI. 

Kelly (left):

During my time as a veterinary technician, my days would range quite a bit. One day it would be a slower-paced day, with time to catch up on various things around the hospital, but most days there was scarcely time to turn around! Whether you were the nurse that was assigned to seeing rooms with the doctor, the surgery nurse, and more times than not, a receptionist, your days are non-stop.  The aspects that I loved the most about being a veterinary nurse was the interactions with the animals as cliche as that sounds. I also loved seeing my skills improve throughout the years. My former technician experience allows me to relate to the technicians that call in with an urgent order for surgery, or calling to get general information for their doctor. I know what it is like to be on the other side of the phone line in need of help or information. It makes me feel like I'm still a part of the field I loved for such a long time!

Lauren (middle):

 The life of a veterinary nurse is unlike any other. I enjoyed my years practicing and what I loved most about being a nurse was the journey to diagnosis, the efficiency of a focused team and the camaraderie I shared with my fellow nurses. There is no stronger bond in the workplace! The skills that I have learned while practicing help me to provide a great service to VOI customers because I understand the application of our products and all the small things that make the life of a veterinary nurse easier.
Genny (right)
As a veterinary technician, our days and tasks varied considerably, but the constant was always in the amount of compassion, heart, dedication and drive that is needed to be a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves-a responsibility not taken lightly by anyone in the field. Even though there is a lot of sweat, some tears and many difficult moments as a veterinary technician, it is quickly forgotten when the good outcomes shine through. Making a positive impact for both patient and owner is a passion of mine that transfers easily into the caring environment at VOI. Using the knowledge and skills gained over eight years in practice has allowed me to apply that to customer care which reflects directly. Being on the receiving side of ordering and inventory in the past gives me pride in how VOI handles all aspects of the business between product development and quality assurance all the way to that direct customer interaction.    
Chase Norton- Customer Success Team Lead
1. What do you like about working at VOI? 
I love the family atmosphere, and knowing that I am a very small part of helping someones four legged family member get better. I also enjoy having the opportunity to talk with people from all over the country and build relationships with those individuals. I also love educating our customers about our company and the products we offer.
2. What does your role entail?  
I am responsible for training new customer service representatives. I also manage online catalogs for purchasing groups that use an online ordering platform, and oversee online accounts and orders to ensure accounts are approved and orders are processed in a timely manner. My most important role is being here to answer customer's questions about our products, to ensure they have everything they need when they step into that surgery suite. 
3. What makes VOI different from other companies? 
I think what sets VOI apart from other companies is not only our vast selection of products and services, but also the level of customer service we provide. We take the time to get to know our customer and what products they use. If we see something out of the ordinary, we don't just send it out and hope for the best, we call and verify or ask questions. We ask questions so we can get to know them on a personal level. Most companies wouldn't invest the time to do this, and I think that is something customers really appreciate from us. We're not just their implant provider, but someone they can vent to when they are having a bad day. Someone they can call when they have a question. Someone who is willing to research and find an answer so that they don't have to. VOI in truly the whole package in my opinion.  
4. Do you have a pet? What kind? 
I have three pets. Two cockapoo's (Ella Reese, and Cora Leigh), and a Lab (Eden). 
Francisco Alvarez- Northwest and Oceania Account Specialist 
1. What does your role entail? 
Overseeing current and new customer accounts both in Northwest USA and Oceania, taking care of all account needs including but not limited to reorders, inquiries, problems, etc.

2. What is your favorite thing about VOI?
Fun work environment that promotes creativity and teamwork. By far the friendliest and cleanest job I've had.

3. What did you do before VOI?
I was an Aircrew Flight Equipment Craftsman in the United States Air Force. I inspected and maintained life-sustaining flight equipment for three A-10C Warthog fighter squadrons. VOI was my first civilian job once I completed my 6-year active duty enlistment.
4. How has the Air Force helped you prepare for your role at VOI? 
The Air Force gave me the drive to help others and work hard and made me grateful for a role that promotes creativity and teamwork.
5. What do you do in your free time? 
I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter, READING, listening to music, watching movies/shows, YouTube videos, and playing on my Nintendo Switch. 

6. What is helping you get through COVID-19 and do you have advice for others? 
I often look back on my military career, particularly on my deployments to hazardous locations and the hardships I faced while being there, and that usually stops me from complaining too much. I'm far too grateful: I have a loving family, a home with A/C, food, silverware, clothes, means to get around town, streaming platforms, access to books, access to medicine, etc. I know it sounds corny, but it's the little things that matter, like being able to breathe some fresh air and feeling the sun on your face.