Employee Testimonials

Chelsy Pennell Rosa- Senior Account Rep


1. What do you like about working for VOI? 

...All the snacks but... 
What don't I like LOVE about working at VOI?! It is very rewarding to come into work every day and know that I am making a difference in one way or another for the end user - our pups! Our work environment is extremely friendly and supportive which is so important when you see your work family more than your family at home - and yes, I mean work "family" opposed to co-workers because we learn from each other, we cheerlead, we console, we get through the day to day and it all leads to growing together in our careers. The feeling of family within our staff makes sense because VOI was established by the Gendreau family who continues to run the business 
2. What do you like about working with your customers? 
Customers or friends? All of a sudden you realize you've been working for a company for almost 4 years and talked to the same doctor or purchaser every week since starting out, can name their account number by heart, list off their order history for fun, and even know their street address on any given day. ...Hey now, that is not weird or creepy - it comes with the job and reviewing your account profile for order accuracy every time.
Just like our staff grows together with each passing day the connections and bonds we create with our new and existing customers is unparalleled. The best feedback is hearing how much we help relieve the workload for our contacts through how easy it is to order, our dependable service like same day shipping, and reliable agents who are available from 8-8 EST by phone, email, or online chat. The feedback is gratifying because we are here in your corner. I am your cheerleader, your troubleshooter and problem solver, your product concierge, your policy encyclopedia, your "yes" man, ... and maybe on some days even the punching bag but I'll do it with a smile because we believe in following the golden rule and treating our customers how we want to be treated - like family. 
3. Do you have a pet? What kind? 
Zoey or zoe zoe, my Shih Tzu, is 14 years old and the love of my life.
Marcy Vandyke- Customer Experience Manager 
1. What do you like about working for VOI?
My favorite part about working at VOI is witnessing and facilitating in its growth, which goes hand in hand with constant improvement and an ever stronger positioning in the veterinary marketplace
2. What do you like about working with your customers? 
 I enjoy solving my customers' problems, big or small, so they can experience the best possible encounter with VOI
3. What sets VOI apart from other companies? 
VOI differs from other veterinary companies in our responsiveness. We reply immediately to inquiries, we provide quotes within 24 hours, we call you if we see a problem on your order. We take ownership of your order from the moment it is placed to when it leaves our door.
4. Do you have a pet? What kind? 
I have 2 10 year old dogs, a Brussels named Newton and a Ridgeback mix named Rowdie.