"These NXT plates are fantastic! The precontoured nature and caudally-oriented head make for easy application, even in cases with a moderate medial buttress. The shape also allows for a proximal and caudal osteotomy without the worry of creating a stress-riser at the cranial tibial cortex. The defined, angle-stable nature of the proximal locking screws is great for preventing intra-articular screw placement, provided the implant isn’t further contoured prior to fixation. I find the ability to choose from four different 3.5 mm plate offerings to mitigate any stress of having to over- or under-size an implant to accommodate smaller or larger tibias and patients. The 3.5 small was just right for a Staffordshire Terrier last week. Overall I would highly recommend these plates for anyone offering TPLO in their practice." 

-- Ryan Boharski, DVM

"The V Drive system was by far one of the best investments I did as the owner of Tier 1 Veterinary Medical Center. The prior system I was using for fracture repair and TPLOs seemed just fine. However, you do not realize the potential for improvement until you hold the Vdrive in your hand. I was shocked at the lack of arm and hand fatigue, smoothness of engagement, and ease of transition. This translated to more precise cuts, rapid delivery of drilling and driving, which ultimately resulted in a far better surgical outcome. Reduced surgical time, Rapid healing, less post-op pain, happier clients, and my ability to execute more surgeries in the workday."
Dr. Sean McPeck 

"I want to thank VOI for developing the Elite TPLO plate. This product has simplified the TPLO procedure. The proximal natural anatomic curvature of the plate, the locking design with the ability to compress the osteotomy, and the sliding pin hole for temporary plate fixation have completely sold me on this amazing plate."

Dr. Sharp, DVM,CCRT


"I greatly appreciated the ease of use and screw placement of the Elite plate.  Additionally, its design enables an even better visualization of the osteotomy site on our post operative rads. I will use the Elite plate exclusively from now on.” 

Dr. Smith, DVM 

“I couldn't believe how much of a difference it made! The construct is much more anatomical so it just fits better, without the surgeon having to worry about where the screws will end up. As an added bonus the lower profile also helps when closing.” 

Dr. Steyn, DVM, RCVS Australia 

"VOI has been a pioneer and avant gardiste for limb sparing in dogs. It has been offering implants specific for limb sparing for over 15 years. During that time they have made changes to the endoprostheses and plates with the goal to improve the outcome of surgery. These are the implants for limb sparing with the most clinical data reported in the veterinary literature. Above all, it is the customer service that sets VOI apart. They have always been so responsive and have gone out of their way to meet needs. Thank you, particularly to Mr. Patrick Gendreau. "

Bernard Séguin, DVM, MS, dip ACVS
ACVS Founding Fellow, Surgical Oncology
Associate Professor, Surgical Oncology
Flint Animal Cancer Center
Colorado State University



“VOI’s annual (bulk) order program has saved me time and money. 2015 will be my third year taking advantage of the program. As my mobile surgical practice keeps growing, my time becomes more and more precious. Continuously managing my disposables is no longer something I spend time on. I highly recommend this program to any surgeon looking to save time and money. It’s truly a no-risk, no brainer.”
DACVS surgeon in Pennsylvania
“I always avoided trying generic suture because it never handled the same as Ethicon. It seems every distributor and company has a line of suture they want Surgeons to try, hoping we will switch. But no one could come close to the needle quality of Ethicon. Most needles are poured, not honed. So a tapered needle would get dull halfway through a suture line. With a good tapered needle, you can suture anything with ease, only needing a reverse cutting for skin sutures. VOI made it easy with a guarantee on their honed needles, which are a fraction of the cost. While suture material should theoretically be easy to create generic options, the quality of the needle is key. VOI helped me swap out their sutures with the exact needles I wanted and was used to while saving me money. Their customer service and commitment to watching Surgeons succeed make them a pleasure to work with. Thank you VOI!”
Dr. Jennifer L. Wardlaw DVM, MS, DACVS-SA



“My name is Jennifer Galvin. I co-own and manage Advanced Animal Care in Fort Mohave. My business partner, Dr. Erika Cartwright, had placed an order with your company last week and we had the opportunity to work with Katelynn Quarrels. Unfortunately due to bad weather, the parts did not arrive overnight by 10:30 AM delivery like they were supposed to. Katelynn took the time to research what happened, and did every single thing she could to make it right. I received several phone calls from her and follow up emails to make sure our patient was taken care of and that everything my doctor needed was sent. I cannot tell you how wonderfully refreshing it was to work with a person that sincerely cared about us as a company and showed real interest in our patient. Katelynn has a very rare quality that I don’t see often in the many distribution companies, drug companies, insurance agencies, and other people I have to talk to on a day to day basis. She is genuinely kind, compassionate, caring, and works very hard to ensure things are right. I wanted to let you know you have a wonderful employee there and that we are very happy and thankful to have found you. We will continue to work with VOI for our orthopedic needs and are so happy to have found you and to have had Katelynn’s help during this order.”
Jenn Galvin, Advanced Animal Care
“Thank you to Steve and Crew for being so helpful with my limb salvage surgery. You guys are always so helpful and appreciated”!
Dr. Alsup 
"We love VOI's suture line. The knot security, length options available, and ease of handling are the pros that I can support. The customer service and option for free shipping is an added bonus. You won't be disappointed." 
Thomasville Animal Hospital
Ward Mills, DVM
"The DemeTECH line of suture always provides taper needles that are very sharp. The handling of the suture is very easy and doesn't have too much memory, along with reliable knot security. I have yet to have any issues with this suture and I have used it exclusively since 2017."  
Vaughan Mobile Surgery
Caleb Vaughan, DVM


“I've worked with VOI's suture for wound closure and surgery. We are a large general practice that does a large range of surgical procedures from routine spay and neuter to orthopedics. We are an 8 doctor practice and have used other brands of suture in the past. We felt we had a lot of suture reactions and suture breakage with other brands. I would hear about it from the associates regarding their frustrations with the non-VOI brands of suture. We switched completely to the VOI suture brand several years ago and I have had minimal reactions and breakage is rare. I hear no complaining from the associates about our suture and that means a lot. I will recommend this suture to anyone both for quality and the price! We pay the same price for the VOI suture brand as we would any other suture brands, but with higher quality and peace of mind.”
Garry Gotfredson, DVM
Red Hills Veterinary Hospital


“I wanted to extend my thanks to you all for your help over the past 2 weeks with our case of the rabbit with the fractured femur. I don’t do many fracture repairs but when I do, I have always called you and I have always been impressed with the high level of customer service you provide. You put me in touch with Dr. Gendreau who spoke with me 3 times pre-op and even called to check on my patient post-op. I received the materials I ordered exactly when you said they would arrive and the quality is superior. They worked perfectly for my rabbit patient, Oliver. He is doing very well, hopping around, and tolerating his external fixator with no troubles. Thanks again VOI…you have my loyalty and my recommendation.”
Samantha M. Simonelli, DVM, VCA Wakefield Animal Hospital



“Veterinary Orthopedic Implants is an excellent company to entrust with our business. The implants are top quality with a wide selection and an excellent value. More importantly, the customer service is outstanding! Patrick and his staff are always friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating.”
Rebecca M. Stanclift, DVM, DACVS, Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons
Northeastern Veterinary Surgery PLLC
Clifton Park, NY 


“Hi Mr. Gendreau,

The Academy of Veterinary Surgical Technicians is very fortunate to have supportive and generous allies such as Veterinary Orthopedic Implants in our corner. (VOI is a founding sponsor + more) We will be considering the details of your generous offer during our next meeting on February 11th. We certainly look forward to working with you and VOI in the future.”

Heidi Reuss-Lamky, LVT, VTS (Anesthesia, Surgery), AVST President